We are a company constituted with the sole purpose of serving, satisfying and supporting our clients in the field of Foreign Trade, our company already has more than 10 years of experience in the middle, time in which we have established ourselves as one of the more complete service providers covering each and every one of the Foreign Trade processes


IBC COMPANY mission is to be a leading company in international services, with an agile, timely, reliable, safe and legally compliant response time.


IBC COMPANY aims to be a dynamic, Updated, Avant-garde company in Logistics, Distribution and Foreign Trade, with Innovation that provides our customers with a High Quality service


  • Ethics

  • Honesty

  • Honesty

  • Respect

  • Commitment

  • Quality

  • Responsibility


  • Customs Import and Export Office

  1. Main Customs

  2. Customs of the Intentional Airport of Mexico City

  3. Customs Pantaco

  4. New Customs Laredo

  5. Veracruz Customs

  6. Manzanillo Customs

  7. Customs Lázaro Cárdena

-High in the Register of Importers
-Normal Mexican Officers
-Storage, Packaging and Packaging
- Foreign Trade Auditors
-Logistics Solutions

  • Sea freight

  • Air Freight

  • Land Freight

  • Rail freight

  • Consolidated and Exclusive Services


Lic. Isabel Monroy Siles 

Operational Director

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